About "FACES OF ASIA ...subjectively selected"
Asbjorn M. Olsen has for several years been based in Singapore and in Shanghai, working for an international shipping company, and is now living in his hometown Bergen, Norway. During his spare time, having traveled on numerous occasions in Indonesia, in other South East Asian countries as well as in The People's Republic of China, he has built up a comprehensive image collection representing several topics: Travel photography, people, landscape and culture. It truly represents a "Real Asia through the lens".

This exhibition in Bergen consists of two parts; it is a follow-up of a photography group show in Shanghai on peoples in Asia, where portraits from the eastern islands of Indonesia were exhibited. It is also an expansion of the theme, where the photographer wants to present a selection of portraits of people living in some other parts of Asia. As only a very small number is picked out and shown here, Asbjorn has named this exhibition "Faces of Asia ....subjectively selected". He has chosen to use the black&white format, to take away any distracting surrounding colors and to let the viewer have all attention to the individuals and their expressions - or, as in the second part, to let the individuals blend in with their environment.

During his travels on the Indonesian islands, the children’s openness and curiosity are amongst the photographer's most valuable memories. So many hidden talents, maybe lost forever if not given a chance to develop themselves. It is therefore our wish to give something back that can help support the development of the future for some of these young potential talents. From this exhibition project, we will donate the proceeds to one of the SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia, in Maumere on Flores island, where there is a lack of attention from the world's media while still a strong need for support. Our donation will be supervised through SOS Barnebyer in Norway.

The 22 photographs at the exhibition are printed on photographic paper, with high quality pigment ink yielding long durability, and mounted on aluminum plates. The first series is size 70x70cm, while the second part is about 55x75cm. All photographs will be printed in a limited edition of 15, individually numbered and signed.

This exhibition has become reality thanks to sponsorships by the following enthusiastic and supporting companies:

Main sponsor:



SEATRANS/NORTRANS, Bergen and Singapore



and with support from the Embassy of Indonesia, Oslo

a www.BlueGekkoPhoto.com project / Asbjorn M. Olsen